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Feat. Request: Replacing LQ by HQ files and keeping history

Similar to script "Update to one file type to another", but now the same filetype, typically mp3.

You need to move all new files in a separate folder - and all files need to have the same filenames as the original ones.

You have to select the folder with the new files and you can create backups of the original files during the process.

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Works great!

Thank you!

It seems that if an old track have just been played (but not playing anymore when running the script), then I get an error that the track is being used for another process. Then results that this track now points to the new folder in the database, but the file was already moved.


Please open a bug report, since this is not a problem of the script - Helium should unlock the file when it's not playing anymore.


One more thing:
Gain is also imported. I understand that gain should not be imported, since it has great chance that it's not the same anymore.


That's a side-effect of copying tags from the original files to their replacements. I can only copy all or nothing.


To be more precise, I can only copy all...


Sometimes I get a helium crash calculating gain or running other scripts. When this occurs running this script, after restarting helium, I have one file poiting to the new folder with the new files, and I can't see a way to revert it back.... Do you have any tip to solve it?

Here's a new version of this script, you can now select whether the HQ files should be copied or moved. It's also possible to create backups of the LQ files.


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Works perfect!!! Very useful script, thank you Sven!


 I'll Try it out. Thanks for sharing.

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