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Helium Music Manager does not come in Spanish language?

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Helium 12.1 comes with Spanish and it is available in the official beta. Helium 12.1 is planned to be released this weekened.


Escuse me from where I can download the version beta 12.1.

I only see the 12.0.5 as last.


Please see my prior answer. Helium 12.1 is planned to be released this weekend and the official beta (12.0.5) also contains the language.


 Does Helium Music Manager available in french?

Hi Patrick,

At the moment Helium 12 is unfortunately not available in French, sorry.

We are looking for translations, the process is much simpler now compared to earlier Helium versions. So if anyone is interested in helping us out, please contact us and you will get free licenses of our products.

Ok thank you, I would be patient.
I look forward to testing the new H.M.M 12. :)

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