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Is there any intention of anyone to revive an Helium User Forum in english and / or german where User could discuss, help each other, exchange experiences etc...?

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So, here we go:

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These forums are intended for exactly these cases. At least in english. Perhaps it would help if we created a new section for this. Let's see if there is interest and ideas for this.

I would also be very happy about a forum in German.

I also miss the forum for HMM11. The help now no longer works.

I can set up a German forum later today.

@Sven, this would be great. 

@All, please note that we, Imploded Software, will not be able to give support within that forum. For direct support you will have to use the support channel,

We will only do some basic moderation, the same rules as for the other forums will apply for that forum also.

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Sorry, I won't make it today - hopefully I can do it in the next days, but at the latest I will create it at the next weekend...

Meanwhile you can tell me, which fora you want to have. ;-)


Leider werde ich es heute doch nicht mehr schaffen, ein deutsches Forum zu öffnen - ich hoffe in den nächsten Tagen Zeit dafür zu finden, spätestens am Wochenende werde ich mich aber dransetzen...

Inzwischen könnt ihr mir ja schon mal sagen, welche Foren ihr haben wollt. ;-)

Von allem etwas waere nicht schlecht, Erfahrungsberichte Helium, wer wie seine Sammlung aufbaut,Tagging Tipps (z.B. fuer Jazz, Klassik), Skripte, Featurewuensche...

So, here we go:

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