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Edit tagging information while listening to a song

At the moment Helium blocks the access to the currently playing song. 

I think this makes no sense, since we should be able to correct its tagging information while taking advantage of the fact that we are listening to it.

It would be greatly appreciated if we could be allowed to edit the metadata of the playing song.

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Great to hear Miguel!

 Thank you Mikael,

Tested with helium 12.1.14391.0 and everything seems to be working fine.

It is a very useful feature!!!

 Thank you Mikael,

with my last tests it seems to work fine and it is a very useful feature!

This is now available in an early version (use with care!):

We plan to release an update with this and many other things in about one week or so, so if you try this release, please not that it is not yet fully tested.

If you find some odd behavior, please let us know.

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