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Download lyrics

I know, you can't ship any lyrics-plug-ins, but it would be great to get the old "Download lyrics"-feature back into Helium 12, so I could migrate my own plug-ins.

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No API is currently available for downloading of Lyrics so this will need to be created first.

API implemented, more information sent over email.

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Hi Sven/Mikael,

Is there an article describing how to do this?



Hi Ranjeet,

A description of the ILyrics interface and its related classes can be found here:

Since we (Imploded Software) are not allowed to ship any actual plug-in with Lyrics we have no "real" example which we can share, but a sample is attached below:


    public class LyricsPlugin : IPlugin, ILyrics
        public string Name => "Lyrics Plugin";
        public string Version => "1.0";

        public async Task GetLyrics(PluginLyricsInput input, CancellationToken ct, Action<PluginLyricsResult> updateAction)
            for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++)
                var res = new PluginLyricsResult
                    Artist = input.Artist,
                    Title = input.Title,
                    FoundByPlugin = Name,
                    Lyrics = "Lorem ipsum " + i


Cheers! Will look into that later

Does anyone has made a Plugin yet that he would like to share?

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