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No Albumversion vs. filename with space character

 Hi there,

i have set the format for the filename like this:

{albumartist} - {album} {albumversion}

So some releases have no albumversion and Helium make a space character to the filename.

The engine allows for prefixes and suffixes which can be used to avoid empty placeholders (like spaces in your example). Please have a look at this guide:

Hi Fredrik, sorry for my late reply. This don´t work with picture filename.

If I do it like this as described: {{albumartist}} - {{album}}{ {albumversion}}
Filename looks like this: "{Pink Floyd} - {The Dark Side Of The Moon}{ (Remastered)}.jpg"
and not like "Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (Remastered).jpg"

Please test it ... ;) I think your guide is not compatible with this ...


Hi Philip,

You are right, the template used for setting album picture filenames used a simpler template form.

We have improved this for next release of Helium which will let you use the syntax as described in the post above. Note that only a few fields are available, though.

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It would be nice if it would be possible to use "medium" in addition to albumversion. I have some releases which i have in a CD-Release version and a Digital-Version. If this release is e.g. an "Limited Edition" or something like this i could separate with medium (Audio-CD / Digital).

Thank you Fredrik! :)


Good idea, although Medium isn't something that is currently saved in the album entry in Helium so this needs to be investigated if possible to do first.

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