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Album Gain Calculation Logic


I want to batch calculate replay gain for a large collection of MP3/FLAC tracks.

Currently the album gain is calculated treating each track as its own album and not calculating album gain together for all the tracks in each release. This is resulting in the album gain and track gain being the same for each track (refer screenshot attached)

Although the album gain is calculated correctly when I select only the files from a single release (opposed to selecting lots of files from multiple releases), doing this for each and every release is tedious.

Can we have a change in the album gain calculation logic to treat tracks in an album together to do the album gain instead of treating each track as its own album.



(28.2 KB)
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We will review this request for a future release.

It should be possible to do it via a script by taking the indata, grouping it (using LINQ or a similar way) and then process each group individially.

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