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tried version 12 finally and not really impressed

I haven't followed the new development much but I thought I would try out version 12 and so far I think I will stick with version 11. 

I added a folder that I know was well edited (tags) and the first thing I noticed was several album covers not showing in the releases view.  I played around with the tag editor a bit to see what was wrong and I see some some of the covers tagged as other (why is version 11 changing what tag to use, I always use the same method?) Anyway I then used version 12 to make them the "cover" art but it doesn't always show in the releases view afterwards.  One album, for example, with 2 cds, updated the picture but now shows the album as two albums, one without a picture even though these files now have the proper album picture tag.  I updated another album, with just one cd and actually just one track, so that the album picture is "cover" but it didn't update in the releases view.  So my experience is very inconsistent regarding this...not impressed. 

Secondly, when I click the ... on an album and say to go to the music explorer, sometimes it goes to the correct folder but sometimes it goes to another folder that isn't correct and the funny thing is it seems to always go to this incorrect folder when it can't get it right..very bizarre.

I also can't believe there isn't a way to edit tags without adding them to the library but I voted in the features request survey to mention how this should be a feature.

I didn't get far in trying out this new version but just because of the above issues I don't even want to go further and will stay with version 11 because version 12 seems too buggy to me. Furthermore I find this new visual based view a little annoying. I prefer efficiency over a pretty interface, of course if you can have both that's great but it seems the pretty UI has taken precedence over everything else (like editing and management).  I understand this is just my opinion and it's not because I dislike change but if I wanted pretty over function I would have gone with another editor than helium in the first place.

I like that I can have both versions installed and will follow development but it would take a lot for me to upgrade completely to this new version..just my two cents.

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>>I created a ticket for albums that won't show the cover art in the releases view. 

Thanks, I have answered the ticket and updated it with the solution. You need to add {album version} as field in your picture naming to avoid to have colliding filenames (same artist, same album).

>>Shouldn't updates be reflected without having to restart the system. 

Yes they should, I tried to reproduce this case on two of our test machines, unfortunately with no luck - it worked.

Possibly it migh thave been caused by a file lock or such? Anyway, updated should not need a restart.

>>Also, shouldn't the default for importing be to use the information in the tags and not taking a picture from the folder itself?  I tried to find an options section for importing but don't see anything. 

This find just as in earlier versions of Helium, you will need to defined (in the Add music tool) it you would like to import pictures from tags or not.

Pictures from folders are always used since it is the most common and quickest operation.

@mathias kress: We will answer your issue with replaying in the support ticket you sent. If you have any specific issues you would like us to review, please give us the details of which specific function that does not work. 

Unfortunately we cannot do any specific analysing since you only wrote that "The new 12 Version ist very buggy".

Update: This issue was caused by an external problem (bad WASAPI driver). Changing from WASAPI to DirectSound solved the problem.

This thread is starting to be a bit contraproductive hence we will lock it for further posting.

For actual bug reports please open a new support ticket if you are a registered user otherwise please open a post in bug reports.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible about the issue so that we can assist you quicker.

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