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Save last stand of actual playlist

Starting Helium yesterday I was asked to update which I denied, after that the database was empty (thank you)

Luckily I had made a backup before I closed Helium last time.

But Backup does not include the correct stand of Actual playlist, it restored like sit was some time ago. Please assure it is backuped like it is the moment one does a backup.

Hi Gunnar,

A database is NEVER deleted/emptied in any way unless you explicitally says so.

The only things that happens if you do not acceppt an update is simply that the dialog will close and not perform the update. 

I have just verified this on a clean Win10 machine.

Your old database should remain, can you please verify that?

>>But Backup does not include the correct stand of Actual playlist

The Play queue is stored in the database so that it can be shared with Helium Streamer and should therefore be included in a database backup.

Ok described it wrong, the Database in MariaDB was still existing but after denying the update Helium showed 0 songs as content. I am just describing what has happened.


It might be hard for you to retest this unless you still have the old version available. That's what I did and it worked like described.

So, unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem myself, possibly we can side-test this over the support forum?

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Tests will continue with the upgrade scenario in a separate thread since it does not always can be reproduced.

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