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Device/folder synchronization

In the post below we asked about which out of four features you were missing the most from Helium 11:

We have been in the works with three of these features for a while and will now start the work on the device/folder synchronization.

We want to catch as many of the use cases as possible for how you used this feature (or rather how you would like the new feature to work), which is why we post this topic.

Please let us know a little but about what features you feel are critical to the device/folder synchronization so we know that we are developing the feature in the right way.


The main case for me is loading music to my phone, to a USB stick for car and boat, and making CD's for kick-boxing workouts.

I would typically create a playlist, then synchronize the playlist with a connected folder (which could be on the local PC, on the network, or an attached USB filesystem).

My case is write-only, not really "synch".  I don't have much interest in synching tags bidirectionally or other fancy features... just want to get the songs in the playlist onto the external filesystem.

It would be immensely helpful if the synch would trans-code to .mp3 or .wav, since some of my players don't do .flac.  

A CD creator would be icing on the cake.

As an extreme stretch feature request (and one I have suggested before), it would be Really Cool to be able to synch a Helium database+filesystem with another.  For example, I have HMM running on a home server.  I would like to be able to synch the HMM database and files on my laptop to the main system, so I can carry a subset of the collection on laptop, and capture play count, edits, new songs added, etc., back to the main database.

Thanks for your input.

just want to get the songs in the playlist onto the external filesystem.

Out of curiosity, have you tried to use the File rename feature? You should be able to:

  1. Browse to your playlist
  2. Select all tracks
  3. Run the Rename files tool
  4. Create a template that points to your folder
  5. Select the Rename and copy setting.
  6. Click the Rename and copy button.
This might solve your initial demand?

Thank you for that suggestion... It hadn't occurred to me to try that.  It might do the job!

I miss the folder sync a lot because I allways have some audio books and music with me.
In the moment I only use the folder sync because syncing to a device didn't work the last years. I would say don't put energy in a device sync which doesn't work very well. sync to an folder is enough and the rest we can do in windows.

I will show in some Screenshots from Helium 11 what I need in Helium 12:





I only use "Album" if this would be fix, it would be OK for me without any further settings.


Picture sync I don't need because pictures are in the tags and will be shown in the defices. If a picture is in the folder too, the folder will not be removed If I removed an album from the sync tool.



only the left part of the dialog would be enough for me



for output folder it would be nice if I can delet a path to a folder which I don't use anymore.

Is there any plan for the sync feature?


We have tried to get some feedback on this feature as this post shows. We haven't received much information or interest, so we are still reviewing if, when and how this feature will do a comeback.

Read this for my thoughts about synchronization.

Oh! I didn't know this was being asked for! I guess I don't come often enough.

Now I could be using Helium 12 as it was NOT intended, in which case, correct me.

I often get my music into digital form and place onto my server. Ideally, I'd like Helium to just pick up on this. However, I don't leave my computer running, so in actual fact, I probably want to initiate it or schedule it.

By "it", what I want is Helium to look for the new files and bring them in. Ideally, I'd love to have Helium put these into a smart playlist that I could run a batch on. The batch operations would involve important images/tags/etc and normalizing the volume.

I have over 50k tracks. In Helium 11 and previous, I found the syncing to be slow to the point that I simply added the new files manually. However, that was annoying because the new files are mixed in the folder structure with many other files.

I never want syncing with my devices. The only value that I could see there would be retaining play count or something like that. 

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 I think your first sentence is very true! Not enough costumers are coming to this page and find this thread.

For me it's very pitty that Helium 12 is not a complete software like Helium 11 was it. I still can't deinstall Helium 11 because of missing features and performance problems of Helium 12.


>>By "it", what I want is Helium to look for the new files and bring them in. Ideally, I'd love to have Helium put these into a smart playlist that I could run a batch on. The batch operations would involve important images/tags/etc and normalizing the volume.

Since your computer is not always running, wouldn't an Update library function do what you need to identify and add the new tracks?

From there you could create a smart playlist and execute a script on the new files which add volume normalization and other steps (I'm not sure about which exact steps you need to do though).

The smart playlist could use arguments like "added date is today and does not contain gain".

To automate it more we could add functionallity to update one or more folders automatically based on a time so that you can omit the first manual step.

I have to main use cases for the sync-tool:
1. Export to smartphone / USB-device for taking some music to my car.
Sometimes I buy music online while I'm travelling.
Therefor music that's on the smartphone / USB-Device and not in my library should be imported.
Also it would be nice to see in Helium what music has been exported to what device.
For example: If I'm in the mood to listen to a specific album on my next trip I would need to get out to my car and fetch the USB-device. The would not be nice if I then find out that the album was already exported to that device. So it would be cool if I could see in Helium that the album was exported and I don't need to get out to my car. Obviously this can only be a snapshot and needs to be updated when the device is synced the next time (in case I deleted the album from the other device).

2. Export music to Native Instruments Traktor Library

 We already had a discussion by E-Mail around this topic in 2015. Therefor I just copy parts of my mails:
Excerpt 1:
I have a Laptop setup especially for DJing and music-production. For DJing I use Traktor DJ Studio by Native Instruments. I’d like to integrate Traktor’s library with Helium. Currently I picked the tracks I wanted to add to Traktor’s library in Helium. I compiled a playlist in Helium and exported the contents of the playlist to Traktor’s library.
First of all: I have duplicates I do not really want to have.
Secondly: Traktor imports those files and writes BPM-Information and some other stuff to the files. Also sometimes I have to re-tag the files since Helium’s Tag-Information doesn’t show up (but that’s another topic).
So as a consequence I have two separate pools of files that diverge over time.
Do you have an advice how a best practice for that case could be? How could I synchronize those two pools? Perhaps there can be some special support for Traktor in a future release?


Excerpt 2:

My main problem is to get things organized and to reduce redundancy.
A solution I could imagine would be some kind of synchronization toll.
As an example I have setup all my laptops with synchronization jobs. As soon as they map a drive on my nas (what they can only do if I’m at home in my local w-lan) all important data get’s backed up to the nas.
If I port this mechanism to helium: Helium could perhaps manage external “Players” like iPod, Smartphones, Laptops and so on.
Every Player has a directory with music that is “virtually” managed in helium as long as the player is offline.
As soon as the player is online (can be detected by helium) the virtual directory in helium get’s synchronized (both ways) with the physical directory on the player.
I think that could be a helpful feature…

Best Regards

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