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Issue with Multiple CD albums

for some reason when editing tags on multiple CD albums irregularities occur, it always loses the album picture that has been assigned in album view, but more often than not it shows up as untitled or various artist and undefined album type after an edit is done, i have gone back into the advanced tag editor after the irregularities occur and all the tags are set correctly, they just don't show correctly in album view.

here is a list of my tagging progression

1. Ctrl alt S/Calculate/Calculate Music Key

normally the tags are displayed wrong after the script runs

2. Ctrl E (advanced tag set in options) Set all the tags, press finish when done changing tags

3. if it is just the picture missing r-click the placeholder picture and change picture

4. if the artist/album type is messed up I end up having to delete the files from the library and re-add them, once they are re-added they show up correctly

I am using version 12.2.14487.0 with MS-SQL 2016

all of my album structures are as follows D:/Artist/Album/Disc 1/ ../../../Disc 2 etc.

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Hi Raymond,

We have corrected some issues with the album handling as well as extended it in Helium 12.3 (beta) which was released yesterday.

Loosing the album picture was one of the known issues which know should be fixed.

Please retest with 12.3 (beta) and if the issue remains, please report back.

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