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Automatically remove tracks from playlist

I would like to have a feature (maybe a setting in the general options) that removes tracks automatically from the playlist after they have been played.

Maybe keep an entry for one or two additional tracks and then remove them.


Are you referring to the Play Queue and not an actual playlist?

yes, I'm referring to the Play Queue.

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You can use the Auto queue feature for this by defining how many tracks that shall be maintained and retained.

More information can be found here:

Hmm, I think that's not what I intended - or maybe I didn't get how it should work.
Currently I'm listening to a playlist of about 2500 tracks that were manually queued.
Basically I just selected all tracks in my "untagged" folder and added them to the playlist by hitting "alt + enter".

As I like to have things clean, I want to see the current playing track nearly at the top. (As I said in my initial post - maybe keep one or two more tracks before to select them for tagging.)
Another benefit would be that I always can see (by scrolling to the end) how many tracks there are left that I didn't listen to yet.

So basically it's just about removing the second or third track before the actual track with every track-change.


We think this feature can be implemented by moving the "Retain" option away from the auto queue feature and instead be a standalone option that is always available. We will look into this for an upcoming release.

Wouldn't it be possible to add an option beneath "Add from smart playlist" named "Only remove previous tracks" in the auto queue feature?

If this option is enabled, the "Automatically maintain at least xx upcoming tracks in the play queue" is disabled/removed and only "Automatically retain at most xx previous tracks in play queue" is used.

If we would put that option there you could not combine the "retain" feature with the other options, or do I misunderstand?

The motivation behind moving the "retain" option out of the auto enqueue feature entirely is that is can be used whether auto enqueue is active or not.

>> If we would put that option there you could not combine the "retain" feature with the other options, or do
>> I misunderstand?

Which other options?

If I understood the request correct, it's just about removing previously played track - maybe not immediately but retain xx previous tracks.

That could perfectly be matched within the auto-queue feature.

But in the end, only D:Nero can tell.

I just think that that those options (automation within the queue) should stick in the same dialog and not be spread.

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