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Control Helium with Keyboard


is it possible to control Helium 12 with the multimedia keys of my Logitech Illuminated Keyboard?

It's a little bit annoying to always toggle windows for skipping a track, pausing or resuming... In case that doesn't work it would be a high priority feature request from my side.

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We will analyse this further, we are just trying to get such a keyboard for additional testing.

I have two of those keyboards. One is currently not used.
So if it would be helpful I could borrow one for some weeks.
Just let me know...
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Thanks Daniel.

We were able to purchase two of these so we can soon test it more in detail.

I use a Microsoft multimedia keyboard that works with Helium, but only when it is the active window. Is it possible make it work when Helium is not the active window?

@Infusion: Please open a separate ticket for this. Using global keyhooks is currently not available and requires specific low-level keyboard handling to work properly, which is currently not available.

>> Using global keyhooks is currently not available

Hm, my multimedia keys (MS Wireless Keyboard 6000 v3) are working even when Helium is not the active window and another media player (foobar2000) is running...

It can differ from vendor. Logitech has (at least previously) been using own solutions..
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