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Map to frame


Can't find any help about how to map a frame to custom field

I have tried to use COMM, TXXX

The track I test on I can see in properties that it has data in this frames.

Helium build 12.2.14487.0



Sent file via support ticket.

It looks correct to me, can you share the file so that we can test this further?

If you would avoid to share it in public through the forum, please open a support ticket.

Not sure I got this right.


In file tag properties I can see a TXXX description as EnergyLevel (See attached FileTag Pic)

I put this value in Option Map T F (See Pic)

And get no reslut. (See last Pic)


What if I want to map COMM frame? Looks like it's description is empty?

Thanks for the screenshot.

You can only map a value from a TXXX or COMM field (for ID3v2) to a specific custom tag.


1) You have a field which some external application read and writes as a TXXX field with a description of MIXKEY

2) Create a mapping containing MIXKEY to Custom field 1

3) Open a file containing MIXKEY in the Tag editor, its value will be shown in Custom 1

4) Change the value and save the file

5) Open the file in your external application, MIXKEY will now contain the value set in step 4.


Just to be sure, I put the id3 frame name in Map-to-frame eg: TXXX or COMM even tried TBPM but get no result. Is this done correctly?


Hello Thobbe,

We did some tests related to this and it worked as designed.

I would suggest you to open a support ticket from about this.

Be sure to include information of how you have configured the fields and the actual and expected result.


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