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Now playing x Sidebar Shorcut

There is a shortcut for "Now Playing" (CTRL+F12), but also CTRL+F12 is assigned to sidebar (View menu).

If I change "Now PLaying" shortcut  to CTRL+F10, then sidebar shortcut is also assigned to CTRL+F10.

From what I remember from previous versions of Helium, now playing is the small window that apears when a new song starts (realized that now the album picture is also shown).

So, to me these are different things.

How I can call the small window from a shortcut?

 Small window.

(19.2 KB)

That window is the desktop alert, not the now playing window.

Accessing it via a shortcust is currently not possible. (It was not possible in older Helium versions neither)

Well, would it be possible to access this window via a shortcut?

It's an interesting idea to get information about the currently playing track without the need to open the main window.

It could be possible but it atill requires that Helium is the active window since hotkeys are not system global. (See other feature request related to that)
What's the option on the screenshot about then?


It is for media keys which the os automatically handles globally except for some vendors which are using own solutions for keyhooks
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