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how to delete a part of my library using path root ?


my library is structured like that :




how to delete all the DB infos (i keep the files of course!)  from the "c:\music_i_dislike" path ?

i don't want to rename my folder neither delete/remove it. I just wnat to delete its music information from helium.

i checked the window dialog where you can update each branch (each folder you added before) , but there is no such button/option to delete an entire branch like i need.

shall you help me please ?

I'm not home right now, but this should be possible using the music explorer.

  • create a smart playlist with the filter criteria PATH starts with c:\music_i_dislike
  • delete all tracks by selecting "Remove from library only"

and you are done.

I don't know, why this kind of filter doesn't work outside the smart playlist with the normal filter. Maybe I have to open a bug





i guess you mean i have to select thousands of lines in the music explorer and press delete from db     just  after sorting-ordering by librairy path column.... ? that would be a huge task to do !

deleting them in the library windows , just bu selecting the path root is so just easy and obvious.


No, in the music explorer there's a "view by path". Select the folder you want to remove and hit DEL - maybe you have to hit CTRL+A before, I'm not sure about that.
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