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step 5 is very long process to update without using many cpu resources


on win7 x64, a lot of ram (12GB), SSD drive, 6core cpu (so 12threads)

the step 5 in adding files to librairy is very long, more than 3 hours when i add more than 100000 files...

The step 5 is "updating album information".

The percent counter is still progressing, but very slow.

As my HD drive led is not blinking, i guess itis  a matter of DB issue or programing problem (not a slow hardware issue or limit).

Look at my screencap, only 10% of cpu resource is used by helium...

Best regards

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Which database type are you using and where is your database located?

This step is a long running step, just as in earlier versions of Helium, especially if you are adding a lot of files in batch so this is not a bug, althought it might be optimized for a future release.

hi, i use the default DB after installing the 12.3 release. i didn't change the db engine.


Then this behaviour is expected. Sql Compact is really not quick when performing that amount of data handling. Even for other database engines these operations will take time due to all logic thats performed as mentioned in an other reply to you.

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