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Showing and Editing Wrong Tracks (Make in Untrustable)

my Ver is 12.3
Sometimes I see Software show wrong Data for some music
for Example
an Album have 2 Song, A and B
I Tag these two with A and B
But after a while, when I come back and play A, i hear B and B for A
Wrong Data, it make software unreliable and untranslatable
I go back to Ver.11 until next update

ok then

i make a support ticket and do my best to give you the info you need to find the problem

Thanks we will continue the discussion from there, since the issue is not reproducable with a clean setup.

I think as answered in your other report that something in your database is not fully correct.

It looks broken according to the screenshots.

We would need to take a look at your database and possibly also some log files.

Please contact our support at for more information.

@Digiraiter Agumon:

Please see above. We have identified and corrected one new case which is not yet released. 

But just as you said, your machines setup was one of the main reasons that Helium 12 did not worked for you.


Which version does this relate to and how can it be reproduced?

Please send us reproduction information and if necessary involved files (if so over

We have performed the earlier mentioned tests which works with no issue.

To all:

Please always be sure to include reproduction information for your posts otherwise we will only be able to perform general tests which may miss a specific case that's needed for the reproduction and thus we will not be able to give more than a "basic" answer.

More information can be found in the fourm rules:

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