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Reordering of album collections

Beta 14620

"It is posible to reorder album collections......"

I tried to reorder my collections by moving up or down and clicking on OK -- but it doesn't work. It stays as it is. Evean after a restart of HMM

" so that the order they are presented in within menues and filters will appear just as you prefer"

Can't see it in a filter

Please check, 'causeI would like to use this feature 



We are currently analysing this (issue reproduced) and hope that we will be able to release a new version tomorrow.

@Erwin: With filter, we men the icon above the albums. It shall already work with the carousel view, just as for the other filters.

Here's a preview build that hopefully fixes the issue with album collection ordering:

A new build which corrects deletion of album collections is now available:


I'm working with 19 collections ;-)

Version 14621 solved the problem. Many thanks



Great to hear.

Please avoid to delete a collection with the current build, since it might cause problems.

We wil continue to work with that by tomorrow.

Seems to work for me...

It looks well on Sven's installtion.
But why doesn't it work for me?

Database: MariaDB 10.1
OS: Windows 10 actual version

By the way: I quickly checked the other updates (except backup and restore) and it looks fine.





Database: MariaDB 10.1.21
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Creators Update)
Helium Premium 12.4.14620.0

How many album collections do you have? If you have more than 12, Helium will most probably get in troubles...

I found, that you store this ordering in tbltexts - but thats a varchar(255) field.
Since every collection needs 20 chars, you can sort 12 collections (240 chars)...

In general:
You're storing some of these preferences in tbltexts, some in tblusertexts (user-rights).
I think it would be better to create a new table for these data.

If you don't want to do this, I would think tbltemplates is the table to use, since tbltemplates->TemplateData is a text-field.
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