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Multiselect of all albums


About multiselect of albums. I would like to add 1000 or 2000 or all albums at once to put them in one action under a collection like „untagged“ or else. I can’t do that – why? Once I need to click and mark each single album there is no use of multiselect albums. I have to click each album and put it under a specific collection – it’s the same with multiselect. In this case there is no use and no advantage of multiselect.

This is implemented in Helium 12.4 (currently beta state, but available officially)

OK, I've tested 12.4 but not about multiselect. But 12.4 seems to be sloooooow but maybe it's because of beta status.

Yes 12.4 is a bit slow because of the beta build at the moment.

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