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Helium Streamer App: Enhance possibilities to make music available offline

I like the Streamer App on my Android smartphone. What I do miss badly though is enhanced functionality for storing music on the device locally and keeping it in sync with your PC.

Just as it is possible to make playlists available offline in the app, that should respectively be possible for other items, like albums, artists and, for me especially important, for smart playlists. 

Although a complete sync would be nice, it would be sufficient if the music on the device was automatically kept up to date with Helium PC, as seems to be already the case with the playlists.

For android, it would be important to be able to select the external sd card as storage place instead of internal memory.

For the time being, my workaround is to export smart playlists as .m3u, then using a third-party tool to collect the files in the playlist to a new folder and create a playlist there. This I can transfer to the smartphone. But depending on the amount of playlists it takes too long.

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I would also prefer such an option. I use it with bluetooth in my car but there's are many zones where i have no mobile coverage and if I"m lucky, the track is long enough to cover this area.

Store (and maybe) sync of specific playlists would be nice, even if it is just in one direction.

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