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wrong album covers

I set up a totally new database and installed HMM12.4 beta2 + streamer yesterday. After that, I imported a few albums and saw that the album covers were wrong each time. See the screenshot.

Can i do something to find out why and what happens?

In HMM they are shown correctly, but in streamer they are totally wrong.. not just on the albums page.

HMM 12.4.14648.0



I understand things can be a bit confusing when switching between databases in Helium and Streamer. We may be able to simplify this.

Anyway, glad you got it working! Just let us know if you need more help. :)

Ok i deleted, the images in the cache folder and now the images are correct.

After that i restarted the host and now everything is doubled, albums, tracks and even artists.

.. what now? I decided to remove the streamer and delete the whole database, making sure all the data in the programm files folder is removed (it was). I added all files again and now the doubles are gone, but i have no album pictures. The imagecache folder stays empty. Then i remembered to put the automatic login information into the service, restarted it and there it is. All the pictures! :)

I guess you were right, i maybe just installed the newest version of the streamer into the existing one on the machine. I removed the previus database, becaus i reinstalled the mariadb server. Therefore i thought everything is gone on the streamer side, if i select a different database.


Helium Streamer caches the images in a folder at this location:

%PROGRAMDATA%\Imploded Software\Helium Streamer\ImageCache

You can remove the files in this folder to let Helium Streamer create them again. 

It might also be your browser that caches the images. Depending on which browser you use there are a few different ways to clear the cache. Please look at this page to see how to clear your browser cache:

I suppose that you previously had Helium Streamer installed but connected to a different database?

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