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Wishlist with database matching


we do some parties over the year (birthdays, new year, summer, etc.).

Our guests have different music preferences (from heavy metal to psytrance).
Therefor it's really difficult to compile a playlist that everybody likes.

Now I had the idea to provide a link with the next invitation where our guests can compile their own playlists.
Basically it should be a simple web form where they can enter a title and add it to the playlist.

While they enter the form should show results from my helium database (typeahead) so that they can only select tracks that are available in my collection.

The result should be a list of tracks that is sorted by the most wishes descending.

I think I could implement such a form myself but I was wondering if there could be something quite similar already present? If I remember correctly there used to be a web interface to helium in the past. (But when I activate the webservice and open <ip>:<port> nothing is shown.)

Best Regards
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It sounds like you should use the webapi to communicate with Helium:

It should offer you enough methods to search and add to playlists.

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