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bug or further needed feature : taking care of space during add process


here a thing that just appened to me with 12.4 release of helium premium.

during the add process of my huge collection, i had a error due to "not enought space on my  system drive".

it was due to the lot of space generated by creating album picture in my folder profile.

so, maybe helium could take care of this.

During the add process, there is a window with 2 graphics, a 3rd one could be add showing the free space of the C drive (or picture folder).

Before the process, i have a lot of space, but as my collection is huge with big art (1000x1000 pixels),  the free space was not enough at all.

Even, Helium could forecast the need of free space like (Nb files to add x XXXX KBytes) or something liek that....

have a good day


(149 KB)

and after the crash, the remains stays in the %temp% folder.
so i guess helium 12 did not check it to clean after the crash (when it send the online report).
so i have to delete all the h12_81c2628f-5934-4cf0-9274-9da973d524f9.jpg files myself.

also, i discover there are picture file with NO extension format   like "h12_9b04850f-69b8-40a4-af4e-21225b1b5990"

is there a way to reverse the name coding to find the file with this picture problem ?


>>and after the crash, the remains stays in the %temp% folder.

Yes, since it as a crash it will most likely not clear it.

Starting it and exiting it again should clear the files though.

>>also, i discover there are picture file with NO extension format   like "h12_9b04850f-69b8-40a4-af4e-21225b1b5990"

>>is there a way to reverse the name coding to find the file with this picture problem ?

Can you please describe this ith more details?
Are you sure that those temp files are from Helium?

If possible, please describe the steps you performed when these files were generated so that we can test that further.
yes this files are generated by helium during the add process.
it is image file fro mall over my music files which are collecting (and put to %temp%) during the first step. So i can see there was .jpg and .png from my mp3 files, and also some coverArt with no extension.

After the fist step, i guess there were copy to the "my choice folder" i setted in the Options pictures.
so i discover the jpeg & png one, and the "no extension too" with real name. So i check the file, and the embbeded coverart is normal. So i don't understand why helium2 created/prepared it with no-extension.

i attached the jpg file extracted fro mmy mp3 (i hope the upload won't change the header because it is not "jfif")

my picture option are :


(64.8 KB)

We were not able to reproduce any issue with the described steps.

For further assistance, please open a support ticket describing the steps we need to perform to reproduce this issue. Also please attach one file which results in the unwated behavior.


just forget the rproblem with picture are extension, i will solve it myself.

about the problem with spac problem.
to reproduce it :
- prepare only 1GB of free on your system drive ('where %temp% is) OR where your preferences will store the picture art from mp3 tag.
- prepare a music library to add with big picture art inside the music file (like 1400x1400, 1 or 2MB for picture size)
- then start the add process.

When there will not be space enought to manage (store before copy the album art), it will crash and the dialog box to send the bug will appear).

ps : All the "h12_7be3019b-091f-48c8-854a-207af759dbce.jpg" files are generated during the 1st step of add process. they are stored into the %temp% folder (maybe the windows one c:\windows\temp, maybe the your profils' one:  c:\document&setting\%user%\...\temp/ )


Thanks for the additional details.

Out next release will come with improved handling if disc space will end during adding process, allowing the track still to be added, even if an attached image cannot be extracted.

It will also come with impoved cleanup handling after an add operation is done.

We will not implement a new graphic element at this moment displaying discspace on the C drive.

i find the cause of the bug of unnamed extension file during the Add process.
Helium manager does not recognize/considere the feature/type  "Other" of cover Art PNG which is embedding in mp3 file.
This kind is attributed by tools like Mp3Tag editor or many other.


(172 KB)

@Michael REMY:

I tagged a file as described in your screenshot with MP3Tag, but it did NOT generate a filename without extension for me during the add process.

The file that was generated looked like this:


Can you share your file which generates this file without an extension with us?

If you prefer to not share it in public, please open a support ticket at


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