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Release type shown on thumbnails

Well, first of all I think it's a great idea to show the release type on thumbnails!

But there are two things, that I would change:

1) Colored circle

I think the colored circle, which is used as a background, does not belong here - it really does not fit in.

I would replace it by the same background-style, that is used in the other corners.

2) Single character

Since there are two "pre-defined" release-types starting with "A", I would switch to show the first three characters ("Album" -> "ALB", "Anthology" -> "ANT")

Also I don't know, how the characters are selected for custom release-types:

"Remix-Album" -> "P"

"Tribute-Album" -> "P"

"Charts" -> "M"

This might be a good change. It would be interesting to get more feedback about this before we do any changes. Anyone that thinks Sven’s suggestion is better, please let us know.

Possibly it's even better to avoid to use the three first characters and instead just let the text be trimmed when to long.

This would most likely allow texts like "MAXI", "ALBU...", "LIVE"

Might be important for users which are using custom release type names?

Well, if this is easily done, it would be perfect - especially for the custom release types.


It should be I think, I wll do some further tests.

This is how it will look. I expanded the width of the overlay so that it could show more info.

It it is too long it will have trailing punctation.


Much better than the old version! Thumbs up!

Would it be possible to adjust the width of the overlay on shorter release types like Maxi or Album? Similar to the trackcount in the upper right corner... (This would also be nice on the release file type in the lower right corner... ;-) )

Seems to work quite well:


It was a bit worse with the file-type so I will leave that one as-is.

Great, this looks just perfect.


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