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Rename tool: adding new tracks does not work

Helium 13 Beta 2 build 14789:

The function to "Add files that are not in the library to the library after they have been renamed" does not work anymore...

Whether this feature is enabled or disabled, no files will be added to the library at the end of the rename process.

I could not reproduce this. Tested like this:

1) New database

2) From Music Explorer, selected one folder with one album

3) Marked all files for renaming, checkmarked to add new tracks

4) Files were renamed and added (shown via the progress window)

5) Changed to the Albums view which now shows data

Can you reproduce the issue with the above steps?

Here's what I do:

1) Open My computer view

2) Select a folder with new tracks

3) Select all / some files

3-1) Edit tags of the selected files

3-2) Calculate track gain for the selected files

3-3) Run the attached script against the selected files

4) Rename the selected files

-> "Rename and move", "Move remaining files" & "Add files..." are enabled

The files will now be renamed and moved, but not added to the database.

(966 Bytes)

Thanks. It's identified and most likely corrected in the next build. The setting was somehow reversed.

If anyone needs a new test version with this fix, please contact us at

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