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streamer on android - no playback

I updated to the newest version today

Android - Helium Streamer: 4.05

Windows Streamer:

and I'm not able to play any title on my android device. I can browse everything and create a play queue, but the play buttons on each track and the general one down right ... just has no response, not even an animation. No error reported, just nothing happens.

I've got Android 8.0.0 and reinstalled both Programs.

The webinterface does work


Which exact Android device do you use?

We have performed tests with different Android 8 machines (based on virtual machines) and they worked during our tests.

Does it relate to any specific file type, e.g. will MP3 work but FLAC not?


I have the Xperia XZ.

I tried now both, FLAC and MP3, but neithers playing on the app.

Unfortunately we have no physical Xperia XZ device to test with, but we have tested using other Xperia devices, plus some other device running on Android 8 and during our tests it worked without any issues.

I would suggest you to open a support ticket from for further help and possibly a rollback to an older version of that worked better.

Playing can sometimes be a vendor specific issue (quite common on Samsung updates) when the vendor modifies the core version of Android.

Hello I have the same Problem with an Iphone SE


Which iOS version are you using?

Are you using a local IP address to connect with or a WAN IP? 

Does it relate to all files or just specific file types?

I have just tested the most version of the Streamer app, downloaded from App store on an iPhone SE, an iPhone 6 and an iPhone X, all with iOS 11 installed and it worked without any issues.

@Mikael Stalvik

IOS Version 11.1.2

I testing with local and wan IP adresss

I only have mp3 files

Everything worked fine before the updates


Can you please open a support ticket via related to this possible issue?

I would like you to do some additional tests with data I cannot expose in this forum.

The Android issue is corrected and available in a new version from Google play.

...and an updated iPhone version will be released as soon as Apple approves it

Update: The new iOS version is now available.

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