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Starting tools (Rename, Calculating album/track gain etc.) does not work anymore and other things

1. Bug:

In the Changelog of the newest Version of Helium 13 you wrote:

"It is now possible to start tools without the need of selecting files, if no specific files are selected all files will be selected by default for quicker invocation"

This does not work at all. Now I cannot rename files or calculate the gain Information.Ït Always says "No files selcted." Even if there is clearly a file selected, as you can see in screenshot No. 1.

2. Bug:

The rightsidebar Shows the Album from the Artist which is currently playing. But the sorting does not consider the sorting rules, you can set in the Options. All Albums beginning with "The…" are sorted under "T" , for example. See screenshot No. 2.

3. Bug:

The columns in the release view (or any other view) do not auto-fit. Double-clicking on the column border does auto-fit the clicked column, but if you Change the view or Restart Helium, all columns are different sizes again.



Thanks for your feedback.

Bug 2 is not a bug, the order here has never used the sort order. We will see if that can be fixed.

We will also analyse the two other bugs.

All three issues (including the improvement #2) will be available in our next build.

If you would like to try it out before the version is available, please open a support ticket from


the third bug is still present.
If I start Helium and fit the columns manually by double-clicking the column border, the columns will auto-fit.
But if I change the view to e.g. Artists or Play Queue the column width is all over the place again.
And after a restart of Helium the column width are random.




We have tried to reproduce this issue the following way using Helium 13 build 14958:

1) From the Music Explorer, changed columns sizes, both manually by dragging and by double-clicking

2) Change to Artists view

3) Change back to Music Explorer (columns remained changed as in step 1)

4) Restarted Helium

5) The Music Explorer view was restored as well as the columns.

So this seems to work as it should.

Can you please let us know about the exact steps needed for reproducing your issue?

 I repeated your steps one by one. And for me the columns are not remaining unchanged. They change their width.

I normally work in the Release View.

When I double-click the column border there, the column width is changed to match its content, as expected.

I then switch the view. It doe not matter to which view. Artists,Music Explorer,PlayQueue.

When I switch back, the column width are all over the place again.

And every restart the column width is messed up, even if I did change the column width by double-clicking or manually. So for me this does not work.



Can you please provide a screenshot of your layout in the view when this occurs?

 See the attached Screenshots.

We have tried to force your issue to happen but unfortunately we have not been able to force it to happen.

To continue to analyse this possible issue, please open a support ticket from:

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