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Tag editor: shortcut to apply sort order fields does not work

There's a shortcut in the tag editor to apply sort order fields (CTRL+SHIFT+O), but it doesn't work anymore.

I cannot reproduce this, tested with having two tracks starting with "The".

After pressing Ctrl+Shift+O, Title sort order was properly filled.

Do yo uhave any example data which does not work?

Well, it doesn't work at all for me - it doesn't even matter if I edit MP3- or FLAC-files.
When I press CTRL-SHIFT+O, nothing happens, only when using the menu items the fields are filled.

I will try again when I'm back home later...


OK, so I tried again with build 14960, and still no luck...

I just realized, that for some reason there's a "wrong" shortcut shown in the menu: Ctr+Shift+O (the "L" in Ctrl is missing...) - I don't know, if this might be the reason.


I have tried to force the issue to happen with build 14960, but it works as earlier described for me.

The missing "l" in the shortcut link should not matter, it is just a visual thing.

Do you have any tracks selected when invoking the extraction?

OK, I found it - my AMD graphics driver installed a global shortcut, so Helium couldn't...

Great to hear that it got resolved.

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