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Age (minor nice to have)

 Add the calculated current age of the artist in Artist view
(as wikipedia is doing it).

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For dead artists use the age on death.

Implemented in 13.2 beta 1

Freddie Mercury - Born: 1949.09.05, Died: 1991.11.24, Aged: 71 Years

Well, he died at the age of 45...

Thanks for reporting. This is corrected in our next build. The issue only relates to calculation of age when an artist is no longer alive.

don't know which version is which but still in Beta 2:
Born: 13.03.1944
Died: 02.07.2017
Age: 74 years


@Mathias, 13.2 beta shows this information for me with the above dates:

If you still get some differing output, please open up a support ticket for this case.

solved in latest built


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