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'Save album pictures to tags...' throws exception open DataReader...

Hi there.
Just did the update from Helium 11 to the most recent 13.2.15056.0
Now I want so save the album pictures in the mp3-tags in bulk mode.
I have 32'965 tracks in 3166 albums.
I use Windows 10 1803
I use MySQL 5.6.17

- originally i started from 'releases'
- but because of the problems I decided to start from the widget 'years' (calendar)
- I have chosen the year 1978 to limit the number of albums.
- in the context menue of one album I chose 'Select' > 'Select all'
- I chose 'Picture' > 'Save album pictures to tags...'
- [] the checkbox 'Overwrite existing picture is unselected
- I get the folowing error:

An error occured
Sorry, an error occured during the operation.
If this error is reproducable, please contect us for further assistance.

*** MESSAGE ***
There is already an open DataReader associated with this Connection which must be closed first.

Can you recommend a better way to store the album picture in the mp3-Tag?

Kind regards

Michael Hartl, Switzerland

Thanks for your report Michael.

We are analysing this further. We have been able to partially reproduce this.

The way you have used it is the recommended way to do it. It can also be achived using scripts, but that requires a bit more work.

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We have been able to reproduce and hopefully resolve this issue.

It only occurs (at least during our tests) with MySql databases and is partially related to the MySql driver, for which a new version has been released.

The fixes will be included in our next release (no release date set yet).

If you would like to get access to this version earlier, please contact us via:

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Hi Mikael.
Thanks a lot for fast response.
Please enjoy your holidays and relax.
This can wait till you come back for work.
And if it is included in the next service oder minor-release that's more than fine.

Greetings from Switzerland


This issue should be resolved in the new beta, Helium 13.3.

If it still remains for you, please open up a support ticket from

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