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Bring back the trees for playlists

Please bring back the trees and drag-and-drop options, especially for the playlists. I have a lot of music and several hundreds of playlists. Unfortunately, I cannot properly use them in the newest versions of Helium (12 or 13). Browsing several folders is a pain, I cannot fill the playlists from the Music Explorer via drag-and-drop and I cannot drag-and-drop playlists in other folders.

I am a long time Helium user, my first version was 10 but I also bought the updates until version 13. Unfortunately, I find myself using only version 11, since a media player without proper implementation of playlist is useless to me. All of the above was bautifully implemented in version 11. Please, bring those features back.

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We have started to review if playlist support can be implemented. 

When that's implemented we will review drag and drop support (which should be partially there already for other node types)

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