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Cache doesn't get refreshed (MySQL 8 related?)


I faced the following problem when working with MySQL 8 and HMM 13.3.15068.0: When changing the tags via tag editor HMM still shows the old values after stroing the data. The tags are saved correctly in the flac-file. When renaming/moving the files the old values will be used.

Example from my HMM installation

  1. I opened an album 
    a) to change the artist from Benny Goodman to Benny Goodman Quartet
    b) to correct a typo in the album subtitle field from remsastered to remastered
    see Picture1.jpg
  2. After saving the changes the music explorer view still shows the old values
    see Picture2.jpg
  3. When renaming the files the old values will be used
    see Picture3.jpg
  4. I have to remove the album and add the files again. Doing so the values from the tagged flac-files will be used
    see Picture4.jpg
  5. Renaming the files works well now
    see Picture5.jpg
I tried to reproduce the problem by using an empty SQL Server Compact database and, surprise, HMM works well in this case.

Is it a matter of MySQL Version 8 which I've installed recently?
Or is it a matter of not refreshing the cache at all if MySQL is used?
Or is it the size of my database (130000+ tracks)?

Best regards


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This should be resolved in the hotfix for Helium 13.3 which is just released.

We have hopefully found a solution for this which we will need to test a bit more before we can release a new version.

If you would like to participate in the testing, please contact us over


We have made some firsts tests related to this and it seems to be related to MySql verison 8 only.

The test fails with a small MySql8 database, whilst it works with a large MariaDb as well as a Sql Compact database.

As it seems it is the MySql driver that throws a low-level error from it's process.

We will continue to analyse this.

Thanks for reporting.

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