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I would like to use the artist view with thumbnails in another way, I would like to have instead a single artist thumbnail a kind of preview of albums available on the hdd of the respective artist (for example a preview of up to max. 9 album thumbnails if available; otherwise only less should be shown; Hence, a quick indicator how much albums are available of each artist on your hdd).

Until now, i don´t really use the artist view with thumbnails on a regular basis because I was too lazy to implement also artist pictures. Consequence in the artist view with thumbnails is that only empty standard thumbnails are shown.

Is it possible/feasible to implement such an option?


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You could try to use the split-view in the artist view plus collapsing the summary pane of the content pane which will give you a look similar to what you request.

It will not constrain to a certain number of albums though.

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