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How to add Top 2000 files

Hi all,
Using the most recent premium version.
I have a folder with many sub folders, each containg the contents of a cd. I add these to the library with "Add files to library". Works well, everything appears in the Releases screen.
I also have a different folder with > 2000 mp3 files, the so called Top 2000. I'd like to add this to the library as well, but how do I do this? Should I use "Albums collections" and create a new album? Or should I use "Collection/Volume" and start a new collection?
Thanks in advance for your answers.
With kind regards,
Fokke Nauta

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Hello Fokke,

One way to solve it is to tag all the files related to the "Top 2000" with the same album, "Top 2000".

Another way around it is as you write to use collections/volumes and bind the volume to a specific path.

No way is right or wrong, it's more a matter of how you prefer to work with Helium.

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