Helium 13.5 is now released!



I downloaded latest release of Helium. So now I'm adding my music.387 albums are in progress, and have been for OVER THREE Hours. Is that normal. i have over 30,000 albums still to add. So that will probably take few decades....


Very slow Regards.


Aðalsteinn Guðnason

That sounds way to slow. Files stored locally or on a network with possible latency? Format of files? Database format?

 I upgraded to v13.5 2 days ago - it was taking so long to update my database to Sql Lite that I left it running overnight. Unfortunately I am unable to modify any album data using the quick editor under the 'releases' tab. I enter the data, select save changes, it hangs for a minute then shows that nothing has been changed or amended.


Les Allsopp

@Les Allsopp: 

Can you modify data from any of the other Tag Editors?

How many tracks do you have in your database?

Please note that despite we migrated from SQL Server Compact to SQLite, for larger collections MySQL or SQL Server is still highly recommended for performance reasons.

Hi again.

I have 58486 tracks in the database.

In the Artists tab, I selected an artist, 9 minutes later it was still hanging and I had to terminate the program through task manager.

In the tracks tab, I tried to change/amend a field - no change was evident.

In the releases tab I selected a disc (named S....), right clicked a track and selected edit tags - 2 minutes later I was immediately taken back to the top of the list (A....), when I checked the amended field it didn't show as amended.

Hope this clarifies what is happening.

Thankfully I have a recent backup so I will be able to install the previous build then import the backup.

I will also convert to MariaDB ( I had MariaDB previously but following a windows update problem I had to re-install and I didn't get around to updating to MariaDB)

Hi Les,

58486 tracks can give a little worse performance when not using SQL Server or MySql, but what you describes seems way too slow.

If the error remains after the import, please open a support case for this at http://support.imploded.com and we will assist you further.


We have made some further progress in analysing potentially bad performance with SQLite, mainly during adding and is working to improve this for the next release.

If anyone is interested in testing this out before it is released officially, please contact us at: http://support.imploded.com

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