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Downloading lyrics

Right now the downloading of lyrics for many tracks is a pain:

1) Click the [...] button for the track

2) Click the [Download] button

3) Select a proper result

4) Click OK

5) Click OK

6) do this steps over and over again until all tracks have lyrics...

That's five clicks per track - not talking about the long ways I have to move the mouse...

Let's do this for a typical 40-track compilation and you have clicked 200 times.

I. create download all lyrics / download selected lyrics

I'd like to request a function in the tag editor to download lyrics for all and/or selected tracks.

The function should open the download-dialog for each track - one after the other. Don't open the edit-lyrics-dialog in this function!

This would reduce the clicks per track down to two.

II. double-click a result to apply it

I'd also like to request that I could apply a result by simply double clicking on it - without the need of clicking the [OK] button afterwards.

This would remove the mouse-movement from the result to the [OK] button and back.

As I've seen that you changed this to planned...

III. search for {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}

It would be nice, if the subtitle would be automatically included in the title when looking for lyrics.

Maybe even include the remix {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}{ ({remix})}, but that's less important and might even be troublesome...

>>As I've seen that you changed this to planned...

Yes, but as for multiple album artists it means "to be analyze" at the moment.

Some other neccesary things needs to be solved before the new workflow can be created and improved.

Hm, OK.

Could you add II. and III. in the next update? I think these should be only small updates, but still a step forward.

For the main feature request: Just take your time.

#2 and #3 should be possible.

Please note that there's no date set for the next update yet though.

Implemented in the most recent minor update of 13.6

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