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Release Types vs. Format Types

I have been going through my collection and adding each "album type" 

It is something that only Helium has, which I appreciate very much.

But looking at the choices there seems to be a conflation between Release Types and Format.

While I do not consider myself an expert in this by any means, these are my rules of thumb:

Release Types:

Album(LP) Typical Collection of song from same artist 8+ songs or 45+ minutes

Album(EP) Extended Play 1-7 songs or under 45 minutes

Maxi(CDM) 3-6 songs usually with alternate versions from same artist

Single(CDS) 1-4 songs from same artist Or any number of multiple versions of the same song


Anthology Collection of Songs from same artist taken from previous albums (Greatest Hits, Best Of, Anthology, etc)

Live Official release of songs/performance from Live events

Bootleg Unofficial release of songs/performance usually of live events


Soundtrack Collection of songs found within a movie

Compilation Collection of songs from a variety of artists usually centered around a theme (a sound track is technically a compilation)

AudioBook Recording of a reading of literature

Media Types:

Vinyl 33 , vinyl 45, vinyl 78

Cassette Tape

8-Track or CART

Reel to Reel





So all that to request a separation between Release Types and Media Types

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi Patrick,
I use release type quite extensively but I don't get your point.
The tag release type is about the content/structure, the tag media type is about the physical source.
As I always like to support good ideas, could you elaborate a little more on your problem.
(Maybe I just don't grasp it)


Hi Mathias,

It is not necessarily a "problem".

I was making a suggestion that perhaps it would be beneficial if there was a separation between release type and media type.  After all you can have an album released on Vinyl, Cassette, CD, SACD, DVD 

(I work for a group of radio stations and it is surprising how much stuff we have on reel to reel)

 But that's what the existing tag "media type" is for. Did you miss it or do I still miss something?

Apparently I have missed it entirely. I do not see it anywhere in the editor or the advanced editor.

There is a field called "media"  Is that to which you are referring?

If so. 

Then perhaps it would be beneficial to remove selections like DVD, Projects, etc from the Release type selection

I agree. If something of "release type" DVD it should be clearly separated form the media type.


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Media is a standard tag-field, TMED: (from

The 'Media type' frame describes from which media the sound originated. This may be a text string or a reference to the redefined media types found in the list below.

Examples, CD, DVD, Laser Disc, VHS etc.

Release type is ment to be used to describe a specific release, just as Patrick metioned above.

(EP, Maxi, Compilation, Bootleg etc)

So it's really up to the user that tags to take care of the prefered separation of media and release type fields (or only use one of the fields)

Therefore it seems llike no additional features needs to be added.

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