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Regarding Collections vs. Database

Up until now I have been using Helium exclusively with my music collection.

I have been wondering if I could or more importantly SHOULD import my audio book collection and Sound effect library.

I was looking at collections, but I am wondering if creating a completely new database is more advisable. I would like to keep Music, Book, and sound effect separated.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this if you have a moment.

Thank you.

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I store and manage my audio books within the same database as my music, although I cannot give you a clear recommendation.
I started doing this when the foundation of my database was defined by libraries/volumes before Helium 12. I lost this order with the migrations through Helium 13.
Still having full access to my audio books and really love to see all the covers I am not sure what could be the most clever way...
Two databases may be still a good idea.


One way to go is by using collections/volume, and force items from a specific path to be added to a Volume, for example d:\audio-books should be mapped to Volume audio books.

Then you can work with volume filters to quickly only view audio books.

Another way around it is of course to use separate libraries which will require no filtering, but won't give you access to your "other" music collection at the same time.

Personally I would use a separate library.

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