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Tag Editor: Flac

It appears that when I modify tags on FLAC files they are not applied (written) back to the file. This behavior happens whether using advanced editor or just "Edit tags"

Things appear to be working as expected on MP3 files. 

Version: 13.6.15184.0

Thank you.


We have tried to reproduce this the following way:

1) Created a new database (SQLite)

2) Added one FLAC album to this database

3) Changed album name, comment and artist using both Tag editor (all looks correct visually)

4) After the changes were applied, inspected each change file using the Properties tool, which also showed the updated values

I would recommend you to open a support ticket for further assistance with this issue since we might need you to share one or more involved FLAC files.

Will do. Thanks.

Thanks to Mikael that helped address this issue.

It appears that the problem was ID3v2 tags in the FLAC files.  I used a third party application for CD ripping. There was a setting check to 'Write ID3 V2 tags'. 

It seems that was the source of the problem. Unchecked that and now all is good! 
Thank you for all your help in resolving this issue.
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