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Using Streamer with files on NAS

Not a streamer problem I suppose but I need some help from other user that may have their files on a NAS.


DB is a MariaDB on my Desktop PC

My files are on a NAS in a local network

I can access the DB from my smartphone and I can play files stored on my desktop using streamer but I cannot play files stored on the NAS.

Since I have the same problem playing movies using KoDi/XMBC it seems to be a problem of user rights on the NAS but I do not know which setting to change...

I can access the files on the NAS from my smartphone using an app called "DS files" and from there I can play music. But of course I put in that app the credentials to access the NAS and I can only put in the streamer app the credentials to access the DB...

Happy for any help...

Best Answer
Fixed via support: Changed properties of the service in Window's settings.
Thanks a lot!


Hi Mathias,

I think your scenario is explained in this post:

Have you read it? I have a similar setup like yours and this works for me.

The trick is to (in short):

  1. Have a user with the exact same username on the NAS and on your Windows machine, with the exact same password.
  2. Run the Helium Streamer service using the Windows account.

Hope this helps. If not, let me know and we'll help out.

Frustrating. Still, since I have the same problems with KoDi I don't blame HMM for the problems.
I checked all user/passswords (windows/HMM/MariaDB/NAS) and everywhere the same user with the same password has all rights. Though I can access HMM via smartphone and enque tracks to the playlist, they are simply not played. They appear as beeing played in the bottom line of the app but nothing happens...

Just for information: Similiar situation with KoDi. The DB is on the NAS and everything is fine. I can access the db from my Raspberry. But when I try to play a video KoDi says "The file is unavailable. Do you want to remove it" -> same effect as with HMM. There seems to be an access problem to the files on the NAS.

So if anyone has a brilliant idea, just let me know....


Does replaying via the Helium Streamer web interface work?

"Unable to load track"

My last guess to change the password to consists only of letters. No success.


Which type of file/folder sharing have you turned on on your NAS?

Fixed via support: Changed properties of the service in Window's settings.
Thanks a lot!


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