Helium 13.6 build 15193 now available

This update contains some bug fixes, related to ordering of tracks when playing full albums. improved handling of data when creating new users,  updated database drivers for MySQL and SQLite as well as some other minor improvements.

Download the most recent update from https://www.helium.fm

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Why is it not possible in this release to make a reorder in the playlist with drag and drop

@Harry: this should be possible just like before.

We have tested it with Helium 13.6 build 15193 this way:

1) In the Playlists view, select one playlist, playlist A

2) Select a track in the middle of the playlist

3) Drag and move it to the next topmost position

Result: The selected track was correctly moved to position 2 in the playlist. We also verified this by selecting another playlist, B, and then reselecting playlist A.

Did your test case differed somehow from the above case?

If this issue still exists, please open a ticket for it from http://support.imploded.com

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