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i wish a feature to run a script on middle mouse button click


i 'd like to start a script when i'mclick on my middle mouse button.

by exemple, in preference we could have this option to fill :

- path (to run an external application)

- argument 1

- argument 2

- argument 3

- argument separator

That kind of "script macrp" would offer the possibility to many customized options like :

- running another personal player (winamp in command line...)

- opening the file into an external editor (like audiocity, adobe thing...)

- running a bash script (by example moving/copying the mp3 to a special location)


and that, in just ONE mouse click.

Best regards.

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another useful thing with that script possibility :
- open a webpage and make a query (like openning discog or amazon  with building the url search .....)


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