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trying Helium 13 the first time after 11.5

I'm trying the Version 13 and I'm missing automatic AcoustID and BPM calculating and the konvenient Tag to Filerenamer with the Filestructure-ability.

It may all be there but I find it very un-intuitive.

Can you help me?

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You can calculate BPM from the Tag editor (located unde the Calculate button) or from the Advanced Tag Editor by clicking the Calculate button for the BPM field. This should be similar to Helium 11.5.

AcoustId is calculated by running a shipped script via the Tools > Run script menu.

>> the konvenient Tag to Filerenamer with the Filestructure-ability. 

I'm not sure which exact tool you refer to here, but it sounds like it's the "Rename files" tool.

That tool is available by selecting an album/tracks and press Ctrl+R just as in Helium 11.5, or by selecting Tools > Rename files.

Hope this helps.

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