Helium Converter now available!

Helium Converter - our new 100% free product is now available:


The site does not have a link to download the Converter. I wanted to learn a new product.

Thanks for the update Roman-. This shall now be corrected.

Hello, Congratulations on the Helium Converter program. I did all the translation to the Portuguese language (Brazil) according to the website's guidelines. I tested the translation file on my Helium Converter and it was very good.


Thanks a lot for this Edson!

We have released a new build with including this language and several fixes and improvements.

Sensational. I already downloaded it and it was perfect. On the Helium Converte page, he comments that I won a free Helium license. How do I get it?

My email edson@hwc.com.br and name is Edson Quadros

Thank you so much

Please check your email Edson.

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