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Switching between libraries is not posible in special case. (V14)

Version 14.0.16119.0

Steps for Reproduction

  • After fresh installation create a new MySQL database.
  • After restart close HMM.
  • Stop MySQL database.
  • Start HMM.
  • HMM automaticaly switch to default SQLite dabatase, because MySQL database is not accessible.
  • Start MySQL database.
  • Open Library Management view.
  • Try to double click on the previously created MySQL database.
  • !!! HMM says: This database is already active
  • At this point it is not possible to change to the MySQL database.

My current Workaround
  • As a workaround I created second SQLite database.

With this workaround it is possible to change the database. Even when I delete the second SQLite database afterwards.

Assumed Problem

It looks like on the automaticaly change from not accessible MySQL database to the default SQLite database at the start the information about the active database is not updated. Library Management view is displaying correct connected database, but changing is checking not visible information about "active database".

Expected Solution

Please correct the updating and/or checking of the active database at start or inside Library Management view.

Prefered would be a message at start, that the last active database is not accessible and be able to retry the connection again or switch to SQLite database. Or even be able to manualy select a database from the library management directly at the start.

This happens also when upgrading to a new main-release (13 => 14). Helium then automatically switches to the default SQLite database. It would be nice, if Helium asks to enter a new key, when starting the new release for the first time.

Thanks for your report Muse.

Just as Sven writes, this is something we will improve for our next major build. (Quite far away in time though)

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