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Flag Notification for Spotify plugin configuration

Version 14.0.16119.0

I do not use any plugins, that are included in the HMM and I do not have Spotify.

When I start HMM I see a flag with yellow background near the user name in the window caption. Tooltip text says "Spotify plugin is not configured. Click here to configure it.".

In the Plug-Ins view (Options) I see only plugins without functionality to disable them. Spotify plugin has only the function "Connect to Spotify" in the configuration.

When I click on the notification flag, then the background become transparent and the tooltip is changed to empty string. On the next start of HMM the flag is with yellow background and tooltip about spotify there again. It is not possible to say "I do not have and need spotify functionality.".

I have tried to delete all the plugins from the installation directory, but the flag with yellow background and tooltip is still there. It looks like the flag functionality in HMM has nothing with the installed plugins.

Because of the yellow color is somehow annoying (invasive) visual bug. :-)

Expected Behaviours

Functionality to disable plugins without need to delete them from the installation directory, because them probably will be installed on the next HMM update again.

Correct functionality of the flag notifications. They should be checken, when plugins realy need them and possibly a functionality to "mark as read" for notifications.

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Thanks for your report Muse. This will be corrected i our next minor build.

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Second this... Dont force us to configure plugins until they are needed and/or wanted!

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Resolved with 14.0.16125.0.

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