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Auto Queue should fill next songs directly after activating

Version 14.0.16119

Steps for reproduction

  • Open play queue
  • Clean the queue with function "Remove all"
  • Now activate the Auto Queue
  • Nothing happens / Play button is disabled

When I correctly remember it, then in the previous versions (ok, I have skipped some versions) the Play Queue were filled with thew next files, so playing directly after activating was possible.

As the current workaround I need manually start some song in the library. After playing start the Auto Queue is filling next songs in the queue. So I need to then to skip to the next song, that was filled with Auto Queue.

Expected Behaviour

When Auto Queue is activated and the Play Queue is empty, then the next songs will be added to the queue. Thanks to this the play button should be activated and be ready for the next click of the mouse. :-)

Is this a bug or feature request... hard to decide. I have posted it in the Feature Requests area first.

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This feature will be included in our next release.

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Thanks for your report. This is a feature request which will will analyse further to see if and how can can be implemented for a future release.

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