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Text selecting with mouse is not possible in "Edit multiple *" dialog

Version 14.0.16119.0

Steps for Reproduction

  • Open Tag editor
  • Click on "..." for some of the field (for example artist)
  • Double click on one of the items
  • Try to select some text with mouse in the combobox
  • !!! The selection stops after some "miliseconds?"
  • Selection with Shift and arrow keys works without problems

Like you can see on the screnshot the cursors changing to forbidden:


With fastest moving of the mouse and clicking I accomplished to select 2 chars. :-)

Expected Behaviour

To be able to select part of the text by the mouse.

Issue reproduced, thanks for reporting it.

This will be resolved in our next release. If you would like to test it before it is officially released, please open a support ticket.

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