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MinimServer cannot not sort by year when tags saved using Helium

I'm using MinimServer on a NAS as my media server and using Helium Music manager to tag my audio file library.

But for some reason, Minimserver cannot or will not sort albums or tracks by year after they have been saved using Helium Music manager.

A bug or what am I doing wrong as I don't want to switch tagger.

Attached screenshot shows a few album which have not yet been tagged using Helium. The bulk of my albums are under Unknown 

I used a random editor to determine that Helium seems to be saving the REC YEAR as the year and artist name. See screenshot. The REC YEAR or DATE is the value which Minim Server reads and send to a player such as BubbleUPnP which I suspect cannot read or display the value and there the value is unknown....

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hi David,

As discussed over our support this is not a bug in Helium, it is a limitation in MinimServer.

I'll post the reply as reference information to other users in the forum.

I have analysed both files you shared using Helium and a Hex-editor and I found out the following:

1) The file that MinimServer could read year for had the following tags:
-ID3v2.3 with a TYER field and a TDRL field (TDRL = ID3v2.4 recommended field, TYER = obsolete)
-ID3v1.0 without year set

2) The file that MinimServer not could read tags for had the following tags:
-ID3v2.4 with a TYER field and a TDRL field
-ID3v1.0 with year set

This leads me to the following conclusion that MinimServer most likely:
1) Does not read ID3v2.4 tags
2) Does not fallback to ID3v1.0 (which is really odd)

What you can try in Helium is what I earlier described, enabling saving of ID3v2 tags as ID3v2.3 from Tools > Options > General (Save ID3v2.x tags as version 2.3)
Using ID3v2.3 will prevent you from using certain fields when tagging, so my best recommendation is that you take contact with the developers of MinimServer and present the above information for them and ask them:
1) If they support only "pure" ID3v2.3
2) Why not ID3v1 is used as a fallback when populated.
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